"Secure your investment, crowdfund with us"

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With Bricx, Relam will give all investors an alternative online investment platform. The platform will allow investors to access huge opportunities in revolutionary technology features that allows customers direct access to professionally managed diversified markets in both commercial and residential real estate assets assuring a high investment security algorithm through the implementation of blockchain ledger system and escrow account banking system.

Bricx comes with the latest knowledge-based technology that will provide: Virtual Reality and 3D modelling features with interactive solutions AI support services Full-fledged Investment management system. KYC with World Check and other Compliance Entities.

  • Online Property Exhibition.
  • Online Sales.
  • Online Auctions
  • Online Ads.
  • Dedicated Investment Advisors

Bricx relies on blockchain technology to complete the full approval process from concerned departments along with conducting all the KYC check-ups for both Investor and Developer/Property owners. Bricx will also reflect all payments according to the approved payment plan provided by the developer, where all invested money will be retained in an escrow account and will only be released if the developer reached the payment milestone and got all the approvals required to release payment. In addition, Bricx is:

- A decentralized real estate crowdfunding platform that connects small and large-scale investors with real estate investment opportunities globally.

- Will be offered directly to investors online, without any brokers interference

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"A service app providing service at your doorstep"

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The service requests mobile app is an online marketplace that connects all customers trusted services providers in a transparent, efficient and convenient way.

OYA App features

  • Online payment solutions
  • Escrow account payment facility
  • Customer satisfaction scheme
  • Supplier interactive service dashboard
  • Supplier ticket management system
  • Inventory management
  • Online billing system
  • Interactive support system

OYA will

Empower customers to choose the right service providers. Assist service providers to find in getting more clients. Customers will be able to request any kind of services such as car wash, housekeeping, pet control etc. Provide both parties an easy payment and billing solutions.

The payment to the supplier will be held in an Escrow Account until the customer is satisfied with the services provided. The customer will so be able to review the supplier ratings and customer feedback on any supplier. Both customers and supplier will have a customer service and claim support system.

"The hub of your trade services"

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A Trade hub is a full-fledged trading and logistics platform which grants T-Hub members access to various services. Members will be able to perform all their trading and logistics activities from a dedicated location which is empowered with an online portal that allows members to:

  • Trade online using the T-Hubs artificial intelligence (AI) marketplace.
  • Initiate a shipment order.
  • Track their company shipment.
  • Use automated billing systems.
  • Access to various payment methods.
  • Utilize artificial intelligence (AI) customer service and tracking systems.
  • Access to online and offline trade events, exhibitions and B2B trade missions.

The T-Hub will also have its own shipping IEC code and will also give the members access to all physical opportunities such as:

  • Storage, attestation, sorting, and packing
  • Quality control.
  • Customs and document clearings.
  • Logistics and handling
  • Export and import services.
  • Dedicated account managers with a well-trained sales and professional customer service representatives.